Originally established in 1845, GANESHI LALL & SON has been the preeminent dealer in Indian art and jewellery since its inception. 

Being one of the first Indian firms to establish businesses across India and abroad, the firm has had showrooms in Agra, Calcutta, Cairo, and New York.

Situated in the Mughal city of Agra, GANESHI LALL & SON (MUGHAL) continues this 170 year-old tradition in the historical gallery located at the family’s ancestral home: Shanti Niwas (House of Peace). 

Now run by the father and son team of Vishnu and Vikash Lall, the gallery showcases the very best of Indian paintings, wood-carvings, jades, silver, and especially jewellery. Visited regularly by a number of museums and collectors, it is located just a couple of miles from most major hotels and historical monuments and has become a must visit for true connossieurs.

With its items in many major museums and private collections, the family has seen many of the most important works of Indian art pass through its doors. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, British Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, Cleveland Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum are just a few museums that hold part of the family collection,

Come visit the family at their gallery and their showroom at ITC Hotel: The Mughal.